Scrapping: My National Scrapbook Day Pages

Last Saturday was spent scrapping with my buddies for our early celebration of National Scrapbook Day.  Officially, NSD is the first Saturday in May, but my friends and I always celebrate a bit early.  It just works out better that way.

The party took place at my friend (and Creative Memories consultant) Susan’s house.  I had the opportunity to go scrap on both Saturday and Sunday, but I had a prior commitment on Sunday.  So I enjoyed my one day scrapping and tried to get as much done as possible.  Besides scrapping, that included eating, laughing, earning tickets for door prizes and just joking around.

When I wasn’t eating or joking around I managed to finish seven pages and get them in my album.  Want to see?  ((I will tell you what Creative Memories paper I used in parentheses.))

The first pictures I scrap’d were from New Year’s Eve.  This is my current favorite picture of Violet.  It makes me want to hug her every time I see it.  ((Simply Beautiful))

More New Year’s Eve photos.  Mom came over and we all hung out eating popcorn and watching Babes in Toyland on Netflix.  I had never seen that movie before.  Keanu was unable to redeem it for me.  I’m sorry, Keanu.  ((Simply Beautiful))

Next up, a photo of my dog, Clover.  Here I used a new border punch I bought on clearance last week.  It turns out my friend, Danielle, over at Cozycakes Cottage bought the same punch last week!  And she lives in California!  Great minds think alike, I guess.  ((Simply Beautiful))

Here is a pretty simple page.  All I did was mat the photo and add a title strip.  I used my craft knife to cut around some of the flower petals, then I slid the blue paper behind the petals.  I was also enjoying using my tearing tools Saturday.  So much easier than doing it freehand!  ((Black & White, Simply Beautiful))

Time to scrapbook some photos of Violet’s apron!  She was such a great model the day I took these pictures.  How could I not put them in the album?  ((Fabulous All Girl addition))

Back to bright colors.  This is perfect paper to showcase my strawberry jam.  ((Cheerful))

Finally! A) We got a measurable snowfall and B) this is my last page.  ((Nancy O’Dell Hummingbird Series))

Seven pages in a day isn’t bad at all for me.  I kept them pretty simple, because I would like to catch back up on this album.  For every page I completed, I earned a ticket for a door prize.  There were other ways to earn tickets as well and as it turns out… I WON!!!

Yippee!!  I won a beautiful 12×12 coverset (album).  I don’t have it in my hot little hands yet, but once I do I will show it to you.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my scrapbook pages.  Thank you for stopping by!  I appreciate all of my readers and I love hearing from you.  So, what have you been up to lately?  Done anything crafty?  Working in the garden yet?

Tell me, tell me!


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