Getting our Hands Dirty

Yesterday was a great day for getting things done outside.  Sunny, but not too hot.  A little humid, but at least it wasn’t raining yet.  Sunday I wrote a long to-do list for this week and I was getting anxious to cross some items off.  Good thing I have a great helper!

The first thing Violet and I did was plant the twelve snapdragons we bought last week at Lowe’s.  They’ve been languishing in their black plastic cells, waiting for me to get around to them.  I had left the end of the kitchen bed free to plant flowers, so that is where I knew I wanted these.  I had six red and six yellow, but only nine would fit in this bed.

The remaining three snapdragons got planted in Violet’s shade garden.  I realized as I was planting the last one that snapdragons prefer full sun.  Here I am planting them in a shade garden.  Oh well.  We’ll see what happens, won’t we?

After the flowers were all snug in their beds, I fertilized them and spread mulch around them.  I was so happy to get that mulch spread!  The bags have been lying around for two (three?) weeks, staring at me accusingly.

Violet helped me water before, during and after every step.

I also fertilized my hydrangea by the front door and spread the remaining mulch around it. And watered it, of course.  No picture, though.  Sorry.

Back around the house, I strung some twine between the two trellises I made.  The peas are getting so tall!  They will be climbing very soon.

Meanwhile, Violet had wandered back to our big garden plot, which just got tilled last week (thank goodness for neighbors with tractors!).  She was having a grand time playing in the dirt.

Then she made a discovery.

Bird nests!

There were two of them.  One looked like it may be in use this year; the other nest looked older.

Back to playing in the dirt!

Yes, it was a very productive day.  I also weeded around my blueberry bushes; I still need to spread the pine mulch I bought for them.

Ah, Spring!  So much to do, so little time.


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