Garden Update: June 7

Before I show you photos of how the garden is coming along, I want to share some wonderful news!  I passed the 3-hour glucose tolerance test!!  Yippee!!!  I am so glad that’s over and everything is fine with me and baby.

Now for the fun stuff:  We have fruits and veggies growing!

The raspberry bushes are getting taller and taller.  We are calling the tallest one “Caroline”, because she is a Caroline Everbearing Raspberry.  I even found a baby, white raspberry growing!

garden 1

garden 2

garden 4

This little jalapeno is much smaller than it looks in the photo.  It’s only about an inch long.

garden 3

The beans and squash are much taller now.  I need to plant more pumpkins ASAP, because the one variety (Pennsylvania Crookneck) only had 5 seeds survive in that row.  The garden sure does look great after it has been tilled and hoed!

garden 5

Isn’t this tiny tomato the cutest?

garden 6

I can’t wait for the sunflowers to get their petals!  I’ve never grown sunflowers before and I am probably the most excited about those.  They have doubled in height in the past week.

garden 7

We have a little bit of extra room between the Jack Be Little pumpkins and the bell peppers.  I am trying to think if there is anything else that I want to plant this year.

What is one thing that you couldn’t do without in your garden?


7 responses to “Garden Update: June 7

  1. Awesome! I say, if you have another baby someday, that you should tell ’em you’re opting out of the three hour test if you barely fail the one hour! 😉
    That tomato is adorable. 🙂

    • Sometimes I look at Vi and think, “What happened? When did she get so big?!”
      As for the garden, all six rows of beans are now non-existent. If you think rabbits are cute, think again. They are evil. Pure evil.

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