Little Sprouts

Seeds are sprouting in the garden!!!

sprouts 5

It has only been six days since we planted and I didn’t expect the seeds to germinate so quickly.  But we went out to the garden this morning to water the peppers and lo and behold, sprouts are poking up from the soil!

At first, we thought it was just the green beans that were sprouting.

sprouts 3

sprouts 4

Then, I noticed some of the sunflowers were showing themselves.

sprouts 2

sunflower 2

I was certain they were sunflower sprouts when I saw the sunflower seed still sticking to this one.  So cool.

Even though it looked like it could rain at any moment, I started watering all the rows with a watering can.  We have missed out on any measurable rain ever since the seeds were planted and I installed the rain barrel.  Figures.  So, I watered the rows myself, hoping it would have the same effect as washing one’s car does.  So far, the clouds haven’t been inspired to let loose.

As I was watering, I noticed that the Good Mother Stallard beans are starting to come up, as are some of the Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck squash and Jack Be Little pumpkins.  I was so pleased to see that!

Not everything in the garden this year was planted from seed, though.

The raspberry bushes, which we planted last fall, are flourishing.  That is, the bushes we bought from Burpee.  I bought two from Lowe’s this spring and already had to return one that died.  The other one is dying as we speak.  Poor thing.  Here is the tallest raspberry bush.

raspberry bush

The peppers are looking good:


And some of the blueberries are almost ripe!  I had to put some netting over two of the bushes, because last year birds ate a lot of the berries before I had a chance to get to them.  Stay away, birds!  Them’s my berries!!

blueberries 1

blueberries 2

Speaking of berries, I picked the first strawberry a couple days ago.  It went into Violet’s mouth before I could take a photo, but I did snap a picture of berries #2 and #3 today!


strawberry shortcake

Violet has been eating so many strawberries lately (Mom’s strawberry beds are overflowing with berries!) that I expect her to start turning red any day now.  There is nothing — and I mean nothing — as good as picking berries from your very own bush or patch and popping them into your mouth.  These strawberries are the juiciest I have ever had.

Life is sweet!


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