A Raised Bed for Strawberries

Bring on the berries!!

I already have a dozen or so strawberry plants in the flower bed just outside the kitchen.  But I want more, more, more! Mom has strawberry plants coming out her ears and we sure do have plenty of room here to add a raised bed (or more….).  I knew just the place: the slope outside the back door. There are rocks jutting out from the ground, making mowing the grass treacherous and a pain.  I would much rather have strawberries growing there anyway!

We started the raised bed a full month ago, on April 14.

strawberry 1

I’ve lost count of how many blocks we needed for the job.  It took a couple trips to Walmart to get them all.

strawberry 2

We needed to dig into the ground a bit to get the blocks level.  This meant that many worms were liberated from the earth and had to be relocated to the existing strawberry patch.  Violet was up to the task.

strawberry 3

strawberry 4

When a worm was found, I would shout, “WORM ALERT!” and Violet would come running.  I told her she was a hero for saving those poor worms’ lives and she really took it to heart.  Vi marveled over some of the smallest worms, cooing and gently putting the babies into their new homes.  Sweet girl.

Yesterday, we finally got the dirt to put into the raised bed.  One more scoop at the local dirt & mulch place ought to do it.  When it rains, the dirt will settle and that last scoop should bring the level back up to the top.

strawberry 5

strawberry 6

I am so excited to transplant some strawberry plants into this new bed and watch them flourish!  Strawberry jam, strawberry pie, frozen strawberries, strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream…… strawberries fresh picked when we get the urge.

I can’t wait!


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