A Merry Little Baby Bib

I made this bib a few months ago, with the intention of making more for the church bazaar.  Unfortunately, making more bibs hasn’t happened yet.

Merry bib

I’m keeping this one for myself — how could I resist?  I fell in love with the fabric the moment I saw it.  The cute little woodland creatures drive me wild!

Cute Critters

The fabric came from Jo-Ann Fabrics, as did the applique (I think).  This was my very first time using bias tape and I love how it looks, even though it is a bit wonky in places.  The back of the bib is the same dark brown.

I noticed this morning that Owlie’s little wing needs to be ironed back down.  He must be itching to fly away and play with the owls I hear in the woods at night.  Not so fast, Owlie!  You’re staying right here with me.

I can’t wait to see baby wearing this cute bib.  I’ve got a dozen other ideas for things I want to make for her before she arrives.  Now that I’ve gotten a few more important things checked off my list, maybe I can head back to the sewing machine for a spell.

It’s going to be another beautiful day here, with highs in the low 80’s.  We’ve got dirt to shovel later (I’ll show you what we’re working on tomorrow) and after that I plan on collapsing into my bed.  At least, I’m daydreaming about collapsing into my bed.  Wish me luck!


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