Early Labor

For a woman who is six months pregnant, “early labor” is not a phrase she wants to be associated with.

Lucky for me, that is not the kind of labor I’m talking about.  I just thought I would tease you a little bit.  Naughty, aren’t I?

Seriously, though, I did quite a bit of laboring today.  So many tasks needed to get done outside and Mom agreed to come over and help.  At the top of the list was getting the front yard back in shape.  I have no problem mowing the back yard and half of the front with the riding mower, but I will not mow the bottom half of the front.  The hill is just too steep and I’m either afraid of tipping over, or else I get the darn mower stuck.  So I leave it to Dave to mow.

Unfortunately, since dear hubby is a truck driver he only has a small window of time in which he is able to mow and it was raining the last time he was home.  I think the weekend before that he had other jobs he had to get done for me.  Meanwhile, the grass is growing like crazy until it’s nearly two feet tall in places!

Time to take matters into my own hands.  I don’t like it looking from the road like our property is abandoned.

Mom brought her push mower over and I mowed the front yard while she took the weed-eater around the property, tidying up all the edges.

tall grass

I told you the grass was tall.

Several breaks were necessary, but I got the front mowed and looking good again!  Whew.  I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

During one of my breaks, Mom planted in the shade garden the Impatiens I got for Mother’s Day and Violet watered them for me.

Watering Impatiens 1

Watering Impatiens 2

There aren’t a whole lot of pretty, colorful flowers that like full shade, but the Impatiens should do well there.

After an even longer break and a late lunch, we all trudged out back to the garden to plant the vegetables I bought last week.  We’ve been waiting for the rain to stop so we wouldn’t be digging in mud.

Ready to Plant

Planting Peppers

We planted eight jalapeno pepper plants, six red bell peppers and three green bell peppers.  I think we should have more than enough peppers this year!

Garden in Progress

We have a good start on the garden, but we’ve got a long way to go at the same time.  I am expecting seeds in the mail any day now and the rest of this garden plot will fill up quickly!

The Rest of the Garden

Are you gardening this year?  What are you planting and how is it going so far?  I love to hear what you’re up to!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!


6 responses to “Early Labor

  1. Wow, you got a lot done! 🙂 How long is your husband usually out on the road for? Does he drive a certain route or is it different every time? My husband drove a class A over the road for a short amount of time but he has driven a class B truck locally for 10 years, this coming July.
    I would LOVE to have land to plant a garden like yours! 😀 I had to laugh about the way it grossed me out to think of rasberries mixed with jalapenos!!

    • Hubby usually comes home on the weekends. His route is never predictable, which is good in a way, because variety is great, but a dedicated route would be awesome. We could actually PLAN things!! grr
      Hmm… raspberries and jalapenos. I’m sure someone has mixed those two at some time. I wonder…. 😉

      • Yes, I know my husband would like some variety. And a 9 to 5 sort of job, I think too, but we’ve been very blessed that he’s remained working through all the economy’s issues (many got laid off at his job), so I try to look at the bright side. 😉
        It’s hard for us to plan things too.

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