Violet’s New Big Girl Room

Shortly after finding out that I was pregnant again, we started thinking about moving Violet into the guest room and keeping her old room the nursery.  The guest room was larger and it made sense to make the move, especially regarding the furniture that we had available.  Violet was all for it and was so excited to pick out paint colors!

A lot of things had to be done before we could paint, though.  The guest room didn’t have any bedroom furniture in it, for one thing.  I had a couple file cabinets, a desk, some end tables… but no bedroom furniture.  Mom was willing to give me back the bed and dressers that I used throughout my childhood — I just had to do some rearranging first.

And rearrange I did.  One file cabinet went to the scrapbook room and one got emptied (for the most part) and moved out to the Little House.  My desk moved to the living room, which meant I had to move the curio cabinet into our bedroom.  In order to make room for the curio, I switched one of my dressers with the one in the nursery and moved the other cabinet (inherited from my Grandma) that had been sitting in our bedroom into the living room, replacing the entertainment center.


Now we were ready to paint.  Violet wanted a purple room and she wanted two shades of purple (the girl has very specific ideas about what she wants), so we decided to paint one wall the darker purple and the remaining three walls lighter.

Violet also was determined to help.  And help she did!

painting 2

painting 1

painting 3

painting 6

painting 4

We got this bench at Target and Violet loves it!  I love the extra storage.

Violet even got to pick out her own ceiling fan.  The room didn’t have a fan at all before and I think it is a bedroom necessity.  I didn’t love the three individual lights hanging down, but I have to admit that it looks good in there.

painting 5

We wondered how Violet would transition from one bedroom to another, but she jumped into bed in her new big girl room and never looked back!  Thank goodness.  Now I can get the nursery ready for Baby #2.

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