To Be or Not to Be… Organized

I do not consider myself a very organized person.

Granted, I love to read organization magazines, I subscribe to organization blogs and I have checked out of the library more than one book on the topic.  I’ve gone on organizing binges, where everything gets emptied out of the large scrapbook room closet, sorted through, purged, grouped together with like items, labeled and returned to the bowels of the closet.

But at the end of the day, my kitchen table is like a huge magnet for anything made out of paper.  Catalogs, to-do lists, magazines, recipes, newspapers, receipts… the list goes on and on.  How organized can a person really be if she has to “move a mountain” of stuff just to serve dinner?  I regularly go through my stacks of papers, but never does everything get dealt with at once.  And so my family has become accustomed to my piles.

At the same time, one of my favorite things to do is sort.  Most of all, I love to sort through baby clothes.  Ever since my first baby shower was thrown for me four years ago (I was lucky enough to have three showers!) I have enjoyed going through all of Violet’s cute little outfits and pajamas.  I would sit in the nursery before she was born, snipping tags off of dresses and organizing everything by size.

A good portion of Violet’s wardrobe has always been secondhand.  Friends donated their children’s clothing and Mom and I found lots of great, like-new stuff at yard sales and resale shops.  Each size had its own plastic bin, labeled and kept in Violet’s closet.  When she grew into that size, the clothes came out of the bin and were hung up  or placed in the dresser.  The clothes Violet grew out of were put back in a bin and taken to the Little House.

Over the years, the Little House has transformed from a playhouse (the previous owners’ use for it) into a frighteningly unorganized storage building.  It had gotten so bad that a person could barely maneuver through the mess of boxes and bins.

That is, until last week.

On a rainy day when nothing else could be done outside, I convinced Mom to come over and help me clean up the Little House.  We spent three hours in there sweeping, vacuuming, reorganizing bins and purging (far too little was done of that!).  By the time we were done, all the bins containing kid clothes, toys, equipment and accessories were together upstairs, waiting to be sorted through.

*rubbing my hands together*  Let me at ’em!

The next day, I spent a few hours in the LH sorting the clothes by size (they had gotten mixed up over the years) and labeling the bins.  Violet enjoyed playing with my old Barbies (anyone remember Barbie & the Rockers?!) and My Little Ponies while I organized.

I can’t believe (yes, I can) that I didn’t take a “before” picture!  Here is the “after”:

organized 1

organized 2

organized 3

Now I have back in the house all the baby clothes 0-12 months.  They have all been sorted according to size and are waiting to be re-washed.

So maybe I’m not a lost cause when it comes to organization.

Now let’s see if I can tackle that pile of stuff on the kitchen table…


8 responses to “To Be or Not to Be… Organized

  1. It’s very impressive, Jen, but from the viewpoint of an organizational freak I’d say the newborn things should be on top of the stack working down to the 24-month-old on the bottom. Just sayin’… 😉

  2. My gosh, that’s pretty organised!!
    A girl at work yesterday was saying she irons her bedsheets. I really couldn’t believe it.

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