Our First Christmas Pageant

We still don’t have the tree up here in Dixieland, but the Christmas season is in full swing!

Yesterday was the children’s Christmas program at church and Violet made her debut as a shepherd.  It is safe to say that she was the prettiest shepherd in the entire show.

Of course, she was the only female shepherd in the show.  And she was perfectly fine with the fact that she didn’t get to be an angel, which was very nice.  The fewer tantrums these days, the better.

lil shepherd 2

I’m so glad everything turned out okay, because Mommy (me) flaked out and forgot to take Violet to dress rehearsal!  So Violet went into this program having no idea what was going to happen, since she hadn’t attended any rehearsals.

lil shepherd 3

We also didn’t get great pictures, because of where we were seated.  I’m hoping I can get copies of photos from other people that attended the show.  You know I’m going to want to scrapbook them!

lil shepherd 1

Here’s hoping I get the Christmas tree put up today.  We were thinking about getting a live tree this year, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  Maybe next year.  Violet keeps asking when we’re putting the tree up, though, so I’d better get that done.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!


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