M&M-Stuffed Bugle Stockings

Happy December!

Here’s hoping my internet stays with me long enough to write and publish this blog post.  I don’t know what the issue is, but internet has been going in and out the past few days.  Very frustrating.

Yesterday, Violet and I whipped up some of these cute Christmas-y snacks.  I found the idea on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for me and my little helper to make.  They are so easy to put together!

Cast of Characters:

stockings 1

A little helper.  It isn’t vital that you have one of these on hand, but they sure are nice to look at!  And they also help with quality control.

stockings 2

Almond bark.  I found this in the baking aisle.  Three chunks are ¼ of the package and a very manageable amount to work with.

stockings 3

Bugles.  If you’ve never tried these before, let me warn you.  They can be addictive!  Salty corn crisps in the shape of horns — what’s not to like?

Oh yeah.  The fact that it’s junk food.  Oh well.  Forget I just said that.

If you’re against junk food, you might as well skip the rest of this post.  It doesn’t get any better.

stockings 4

M&Ms.  Yum.  ‘Nuff said.

That’s it.  That’s all you need.  Simple, right?

So what you do is melt some of the almond bark in a double boiler until it is nice and smooth.  You can also use the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so.

stockings 5

Now just dip a Bugle into the melted almond bark, stick an M&M inside and place it on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet to cool and harden.

stockings 6

Go ahead and eat the flat and broken Bugles.  The M&Ms won’t stay inside the flat ones, anyway.  Quality control, remember? Violet picked up on the you-can-eat-the-flat-ones policy very quickly.

One-quarter of the package of almond bark makes an entire sheet of bugle stockings.

stockings 7

I used ¾ of the package.  Plenty of salty-sweet treats to share with my friends later today!  (aka. Scrapping Snacks)

These are the perfect portable snacks to take along to any of your holiday events.  If there are any left over, I plan on bringing them along to the Christmas parade in town.  Pass ’em around, see the smiles and happily go home with an empty container.

Because believe me, I don’t need a bunch of these hanging around the house.  They are just too good.

stockings 8

Well, the kid’s awake, the hubby’s home and I still have a Christmas tree to put up and decorate!  (How is your holiday decorating coming along?  Have all your Christmas shopping done? ha ha!)

Have a great weekend and a blessed day!


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