Giving Thanks

So, have you eaten all your leftovers yet?

Found a use for every last scrap of turkey meat?

Pulled those old, stretchy pants out of the back of your closet to make room for more pie?

All of our leftovers have officially been eaten, as of this evening.  Dave and Violet polished off the last of the pumpkin pie and enjoyed every bite.

I was curious to find out which pie would taste better:  the canned pumpkin or the garden pumpkin.  Some part of me thought I would prefer the canned pumpkin, because it is what I’ve grown up with and sometimes my taste buds don’t take well to change.  Also, the color of the canned pumpkin just looked nicer.  It was a deep orange, while the garden pumpkin was much paler.

My ever-present helper was by my side throughout the pie-making process, ready to serve as taste tester if needed.  By the way, the crusts were homemade — only my second or third time making pie crust — and I am really loving it!  I do think that for Christmas I am going to have to make a double-crusted pie… cherry, perhaps.  Or apple.  No, wait.  Blueberry!  

One of each?

In any case, I enjoy making pies from scratch.

I just added a pie bird to my amazon wish list.  Now you know I’m serious.

So, anyway.  After the pies came out of the oven, I had to get out of the house before I did something I might regret later.

(I wouldn’t really regret it.)

One of the things that I love about living in Kentucky is that you can play outside in a t-shirt on the day before Thanksgiving.  Coats be damned!  It doesn’t always work out that way, but when it does I appreciate it.

I remember calling my mom once, before she moved down here.  Violet wasn’t born yet, it was January or February and I was sitting on the back porch while talking to Mom.  The birds were singing.  At some point, Mom said, “Where are you?” And I laughed and laughed at her reaction to me sitting on the porch in short sleeves.  Michigan was probably under a foot of snow at that time.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love snow.  I crave a good snowstorm — even a blizzard would be fun, I think.  (As long as we have milk and bread, we will be fine here on the mountain.)  But I do not like the snow sticking around for four months!  I like a good, fresh, white snow that lasts for a few days and then melts.

So there.  Now you know.

But I digress.

The weather was nice.

Now, before every holiday the thing that is at the forefront of my mind is whether or not Dave will make it home in time.  He doesn’t always.  He didn’t make it home on Violet’s first Thanksgiving, when it was just me and the baby (Mom still lived in Michigan at that time).  He has managed to get home for the past four Christmases, but we have had a few close calls.

Dave didn’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year.  We were sad not to have him here celebrating with us and he was very sad to be stuck out on the road, eating ramen noodles.

We saved him some of everything, though.  There was turkey, of course.  Mashed potatoes and gravy, PW’s green bean casserole, Carmelized Onion with Pancetta & Rosemary Stuffing, Creamed Onion Bake, buttered corn, rolls and cranberry sauce.  Oh, and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream.

I sure am glad I had those maternity pants handy.

We were all stuffed like a bunch of turkeys ourselves, lounging in front of the television, when we decided to get a family picture.  Luckily, I had remembered to bring the tripod so that we could get a really good shot of all four generations of us girls.  I have a great photo of the four of us on the day of Violet’s baptism and we were hoping for another precious family keepsake.

It turned out beautifully.

Lovely, don’t you think?

Here’s to you and hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with those you love!  God bless!



4 responses to “Giving Thanks

  1. Great family pic! So much fun! All the food looks and sounds delicious- one of the things that made me sad about this trip is that I didn’t get any leftovers! Christmas I am stocking up on them!!! 🙂

    Did Violet get her haircut?

    • Yes, she did! Good eye! 🙂 I cut it myself a couple weeks ago.
      Wait till you see a picture of ME — I had 10 inches cut off on Friday!
      I’m sure you had a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to see all the photos!!!

      • 10 inches?! Wow! Looking forward to seeing it!

        If I ever get out of this airport & back home I’ll post pics! It was a great trip, but as usual went by too quickly.

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