My big accomplishment on Friday was tackling the two large piles of firewood left behind from our poplar tree that was struck by lightning.

I had been avoiding the task in the hopes that Dave would deal with it when he got home. But he is in New York this weekend, so it was time I took matters into my own hands.

The above photo makes the two jumbled piles of wood look like no big deal, but it was like moving mountains.  Violet helped me with the small pieces in the beginning, but then she retired from that job and just ran around with a very long stick she had found.

Poking Mommy in the butt and whacking different objects to see what sound it makes is much more fun than hauling wood.

It took a while to get it done — with several water breaks — but I did finish the job.  Some of the chunks of wood were so large I tried to “roll” them to the woodpile.  This is hard to do when the log in question is not actually round, but more of a semi-circle.  Finally, I checked thoroughly for centipedes (there were too many to count), lifted with my knees and carried those suckers as quickly as I could to their final resting place.

Now my yard looks less cluttered and I can start thinking about making a fire pit where the mess was.  Our other fire pit is waaay in the backyard and I don’t like going all the way back there to roast marshmallows.

It may sound kind of silly, but I actually look forward to practicing my outdoor cooking skills!  With a fire pit much closer to the house, I see us using it a lot more.

I’m sure Violet won’t object to cooking outdoors. What kid doesn’t like food on a stick?  Not to mention s’mores.

Yep.  Looks like I’m going to have to go hunting for large rocks to make a fire ring.  Who wants to come roast marshmallows tonight?


2 responses to “Stacked!

    • I went into the barn looking for an ax, but couldn’t find one. 😦 Later, Mom told me it would have just gotten stuck in the wood anyway. I need a splitting wedge. When the time comes, I WILL let Dave deal with the big ones!!

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