Splitting Wood

I am writing this post from my mother’s house, because *gasp!* I have no internet at home.

Grrr…  Hopefully the service man will get things working again tomorrow morning.  Until then, I’m glad Mom got wireless internet when Grandma moved in.  Now I can pack my laptop along with me and do “work.”  You know, important things like writing blog posts and researching crafts and recipes on Pinterest.   Ha!

So, it’s been an eventful week here in Dixieland.  On Tuesday, the tulip poplar tree in our front yard was struck by lightning.  Luckily, we weren’t home at the time — that had to have been excruciatingly loud!  It’s a wonder our dog, Clover, isn’t deaf.  Or that I didn’t find a puddle on the carpet.

The tree was a goner.  I could see it was split and big chunks were blown out near the bottom of the trunk, but I didn’t realize just how bad the damage was.

Wednesday morning just before 8 a.m. the tree service arrived to cut down the tree.

The first thing they did was cut off all the limbs and branches, until what was left was just a tall trunk standing 50 feet tall.  When the worker cut the top off of the tree — a piece about 4 inches in diameter — the tree separated with an audible CRACK! into three segments.

The owner of the tree service told me that just goes to show how unstable this tree was.  Another good storm and it could have fallen down.  I am very glad I didn’t delay calling to have it cut down (which I considered doing).

While I opted to keep the big pieces for firewood, the leafy branches went into the chipper.

Mom and Grandma came rolling up the driveway about an hour into the job and were able to watch the action.  After the tree split, a rope was wrapped around the top.  Now it’s time for one worker to hold the rope while the boss takes control of the chainsaw.


Time to cut up the firewood.  Hey, look at that view!

And this is what I’m left with.  I had them cut the stump off at sitting level and leave me with a couple good-sized “stools”.  I’m thinking this may be a good spot for a fire pit.  We can perfect the art of campfire cooking.  ha ha!

It looks like Violet’s Shade Garden has turned into Violet’s Partial Shade Garden.  It was an expensive thunderstorm, but I’m glad it’s all taken care of now.  And we won’t need to buy firewood for a while.

Got to look at the bright side, right?



5 responses to “Splitting Wood

  1. Yay! Except darn that he didn’t show at 6. 🙂 mwa a (Ok I’ll stop before I even get started mwaa-ing at you). A fire pit there sounds wonderful! Did you remove the little flamingo? Or did he succumb to injuries, too?

  2. Great post….I’m biased though, Hubby is a 35 year arborist, he does what you took pictures of. I used to worry when I saw him way up in the trees, but now I don’t worry quite so much. Glad to see you got that tree down, sorry it had to go but better safe than sorry. I also believed, by the pictures that you lived in Appalachia……because I live in Appalachia too and absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful and the people are wonderful and welcoming. I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time catching up on your blogs. Oh, and I found your blog through Cozycakes Cottage FB post about bloggers connecting.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us, it’s so much fun to follow other bloggers and to have a peek into their amazing loves. Keep up the good work.
    Debbie aka The Real Happy Homemaker

    • Debbie, your note made my day! 🙂
      Thank you so much for following my link and exploring my blog. Yes, we do live in Appalachia. I agree, it is a very beautiful area. Coming from Michigan, there were a lot of things to get used to down here, but it is happening. I still feel like a Yankee, though! LOL
      I will be sure to check our your blog, too. Things have been hectic around here lately (hence no blog posts), but hopefully I can get things under control this weekend.
      Again, thanks and I look forward to seeing you around! 🙂

      ~Jen (PPID)

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