I spent several hours at a friend’s house today, making baskets for the church’s Christmas bazaar.  Basket #3 is almost done and it is so pretty!  The first two aren’t quite done yet and they still need to be stained, but as soon as I finish one (or all three) I will take some photos to share with you.

The basket weaving session was nice and cozy, with six women hanging out, talking, sharing food and listening to the thunder crash outside.  I love a good thunderstorm!

When I got home later in the afternoon, I did a double-take as I glanced out the front window.  Our tulip poplar tree was struck by lightning.

Poor tree.

In the fourth picture if you look closely you can see a white line travelling from the bottom of the photo all the way up the tree.  I guess the lightning struck at the top, traveled all the way down, splitting the tree and blowing out a huge chunk at the bottom.  I found splinters as far away as 100 yards from the tree!

The tree service is coming first thing in the morning to cut the victim down.  You can bet I’ll be out there in my bathrobe, snapping pictures of all the action!

Okay.  Maybe I’ll get dressed first.

I would like to take this moment to sincerely thank God for keeping me and my family safe and for sparing us from what could have been a much worse situation.

Thanks for dropping by!  I will post pictures of the cleanup tomorrow.  Until then, stay safe and God bless!


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