The Fruits of My Labor

I still can’t believe how happy I am that the tomatoes are all processed and no longer my top priority!

The jars aren’t even on the kitchen table anymore — woohoo!  Mom and I rearranged the closet in the scrapbook room and now I have room to put a bunch of jars.  As soon as we make applesauce, though, space is going to get tight again.  Oh well.  We have a “cozy” house, is all.

So the final count was:  9 jelly jars of barbecue sauce, 8 pints of ketchup (one is not pictured), and 45 pints & 1 quart of salsa (one pint not pictured).

Not bad for several days of hard work!  Now I’m turning my sights onto stocking my freezer with pre-cooked meals, including some breakfast recipes I found on Pinterest and want to try.  I still have lots of onions, so French onion soup is in our future as well!  I will keep you posted.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


5 responses to “The Fruits of My Labor

  1. Wow, I’m impressed! I wish I had the energy (or the drive) to do this.
    Let me know how the onion soup turns out. I love French Onion Soup.

  2. You’re amazing! Also, can’t wait to hear what freezer meals you make. I’m trying to plan my next freezer cooking session and it all includes “Comfort” food which means OINK! 🙂

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