Getting Violent with the Bread

Believe it or not, until this week I had never baked yeast bread.  I’ve been meaning to for months — years, even — but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  Silly as it sounds, I think the yeast scared me off.  It just seemed so fragile, so critical a thing that I couldn’t bring myself to bake with it.

But there are oh so many yummy things that I can bake if only I can conquer my fear of yeast.  So I bought some packets of active dry yeast (I’m not confident enough yet to buy the larger container) and stepped into the kitchen with my sidekick.

I used a recipe for French bread I found on Pinterest (are you really surprised?), which originated here.  I didn’t have quite enough yeast — oops — but decided to charge ahead anyway.  And guess what?  The dough rose!

I really got a kick out of the dough rising.  I loved punching it down, too.  Violet got to punch it down the second time.

Note to self:  next time, have the kid take off her pretty bracelets.  They got kind of sticky.

“Whoooosh!”  Deflated.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I know now that I didn’t add enough flour to the dough.  It was too sticky, I wasn’t able to knead it the way I should have, and it spread out on the baking sheet in a way that no loaf of bread should spread.

I felt sorry for my dough.

But then I baked it and it started to smell really good and turn brown.  Then I didn’t feel sorry for it anymore.

Instead, I ate it.  With a bowl of chili.  Yum.

Thanks so much for dropping in.  Come back any time!  Have a great day and God bless!


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