Play With Your Pasta

Yesterday was too beautiful of a day to sit inside, so Violet and I plopped ourselves on a mat in the front yard to make some pasta necklaces.

First, we put some large macaroni and penne pasta in zip-top baggies along with several drops of food coloring.  We sealed the bags and Violet shook to her heart’s content.  Actually, she shook until I cried out for her to stop, because red food coloring somehow was splattered across the table.


After the pasta dried, we took it and a bunch of pipe cleaners outside to create some pretty cool jewelry.

Violet found a couple of acorns she wanted us to use, so I put one on each necklace and Voila! Pretty pasta jewelry.

I brought the colander out for Violet to thread the pipe cleaners through. She loved making this “funny hat” for us to wear.

We discovered Clover enjoys eating uncooked pasta. Good thing to know. Have you ever seen a dog try to eat a necklace off of a child’s neck? It is rather alarming. 


Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!


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