Our Week in Pictures

It’s been a super-productive (my current to-do list is almost completely crossed off!) and busy week here on Pixie Plantation.

That’s kind of cute.  I might have to start calling it that.

Anyway, super-productive and super-busy.  I did manage to take some pictures, of course.

I think everyone has probably done this science experiment at one time or another. Violet was excited to see what would happen.

The colors are very faint, but visible. We wonder if the colors would be brighter if we used less water, but the same amount of food coloring? hmm…

I saw this monstrosity on my kitchen window and ran to get my camera.

I still don’t know what the predator was. A dragonfly? The next day, I saw another one (with another bee in its mouth) on the guest bedroom window. Ugh.

On his way through town, Daddy joined us for dinner at Logan’s. Violet’s knife was a tad bit large…

My Lobelia is blooming! I planted it last year and this is the first time it has bloomed. Yay!

On Thursday I got together with a group of women from church and we made baskets! Well, we started to make baskets. I think it’s cute even if it isn’t finished yet!

The watermelon vine is getting so long, I have to mow around it now.

The pumpkin plants are getting bigger. After a good rain, I can tell the difference from day to day.

I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.  Thanks for looking!


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