From the Garden: Homemade Jalapeno Jelly!

Note to self:  When handling, slicing, seeding and de-veining 50+ jalapeño peppers always wear rubber gloves!!

I feel silly now, because the recipes that contain hot peppers usually have a warning to wear rubber gloves.  Despite the warning, I never have worn gloves when dealing with jalapeños.  I’ve never had a problem.

Until now.

On Friday I harvested dozens and dozens of jalapeños from the garden.  I thought I had enough peppers to make a double batch of jelly, but as it turned out I had to make a repeat visit to the garden to harvest more, smaller peppers just to get enough for one batch.

Getting the seeds out is easy.  I cut the top off, slice the pepper in half then use a teaspoon to scrape out the insides.  It’s quick and easy.  And juicy.  The juice was covering my hands and laying in wait under my fingernails.

After about a half hour, the burning began.

It wasn’t horrific pain, but it was extremely unpleasant.  Any pressure on my fingers or exposure to heat (Hello?! I’m canning with boiling water, here!) made my fingers burn even more.  Washing dishes in warm water was unbearable (any excuse not to wash dishes, right?).  Luckily, by the next morning the sensation was gone.

It’s like they say:  No pain, no gain.  And I gained seven jars of jalapeño jelly!  Not a bad trade-off, considering this jelly is delicious.

I toasted a couple slices of french bread, spread some cream cheese on the warm bread, then topped it off with some lovely green jelly.  No added colors!  I love that.

Violet liked it too, surprisingly.  When I asked her if she wanted some of the jelly on her bread, she did not hesitate before saying, “Yes.”  So I put it on half of her slice, but later needed to spread some on the remaining bread.  The jelly is more sweet than hot, though, so I’m not too shocked that Violet appreciates it.







I saw this little guy when I went out to the garden to pick one more pepper.  My fear is one day I will reach into a plant (this was a tomato plant) and grab one of these guys!  Aaaughh!!

Thanks for looking and God bless!


6 responses to “From the Garden: Homemade Jalapeno Jelly!

  1. Jen, I liked this whole post……..till I got to the last two pictures. You remember what I think about those creatures. 😦

    • Yes, I remember. I don’t particularly like them either. I saw this fella right after my hand reached in for a tomato and was within inches of the web! Ugh.

  2. Omygosh! I went to the ER from habanero peppers! Im so sorry I’m laughing,but i know your pain except i was sobbing from the pain going all the way up my arms. Go ahead and laugh. Looks delish tho!!!!!! I wish I could taste it!

    • Okay, first of all, I am not laughing.
      Smiling ever-so-slightly, but not laughing.

      Secondly, what were you making, how many habaneros did you use and what did they do for you at the ER? It sounds awful. I know habaneros are hotter than jalapenos — I can’t even imagine how that must have hurt.

      I’m surprised the jelly tastes as good as it does. I had never tried jalapeno jelly until last year. 🙂

  3. I made a far too hot peach chutney once with a couple of habaneros, and my hands felt like they were on fire. I looked online for all the “solutions” and none of them worked — butter, cream, yogurt, milk… But the chutney was inedible, so I decided to chop in a few more peaches and onions to dilute the tase, and slicing onions made the pain go away. I actually rubbed the cut onion over the bits that the chopping had not reached, and the pain vanished, as if by magic. Worth a try.

    • That’s interesting! And nowhere in your searching did you see onions suggested? Huh!
      Maybe I should go cut up a bunch of jalapenos, rub them all over my skin and wait for the burn so that I can test the onion theory.

      Then again, maybe not. 😉

      Thanks so much for commenting!

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