Why does Summer have to be so busy?

I like the long, warm days full of activity.  I like being able to spend so much time outside without worry of frostbite.  I like Summer Reading, gardening, yard work, preparing for the church craft sessions I host, all the craft shows, fairs and festivals.  Canning food to “put up” for winter.  Family reunions, vacations, and — hopefully — camping trips.  I love all these things.

I just wish they didn’t happen all at once.  It sure would be nice if I could scoot some of those wonderful things over a couple seasons and sprinkle them over Winter.

As it is, when I think about all the things I want to do — not to mention the year-round things that need to be done constantly — I start to feel a little panicky.  Quite a bit panicky, in fact, until I tell myself to calm down and take one day at a time.  Since I don’t see God adding more hours to the day anytime soon, I have to prioritize my goals, take a deep breath and do my best.

This means the furniture probably won’t get dusted — but I will vacuum!  The kitchen table won’t always be cleared off, but I will serve some great food on it.  I might not get all the weeds in the garden picked, but I am determined not to let the harvest go to waste this year.

Last night, Mom and I each picked two rows of green beans, with Violet regularly exclaiming, “I found a bean!  I found a bean!”  I have to smile thinking about her enthusiasm for bean-picking.  Of course she has more enthusiasm than us adults — she doesn’t have to bend over as far to pick them!  My knees and back were grumbling — then yelling — at me throughout the process.  My reward, though, is a Pampers box half-full of green beans, along with several jalapenos and a few sweet peppers.

Today I will snap, wash, blanch and freeze the beans.  I am so not in the mood for canning right now; it is supposed to hit 100 degrees again today.

I found a recipe online for baked jalapeno poppers.  Maybe I can get Mom and Violet to try one?  Too bad Dave isn’t here; he likes spicy more than I do.

One thing I do know:  today’s top priority is getting that produce taken care of.  Everything else comes second.  Except Violet, of course.  She is always #1.


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