Camping in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Monday morning we left for our first-ever camping trip, borrowing Mom’s tent and packing the car full to the brim with stuff we anticipated we might need.  As it was, I still forgot several key items — like aluminum foil, coffee cups and Violet’s Pull-Ups for dry nighttime sleeping.


Rather than try to fluff this post up with a bunch of extraneous words, I am simply going to show you some of my favorite photos from Day 1, with the occasional caption.

Pigeon Forge and neighboring Gatlinburg are classic “tourist traps.” I love looking at all the silly attractions. (By the way, the Hatfields and McCoys feud didn’t even take place in TN — that was Kentucky and West Virginia.)


Finally! The campground where we are going to be spending the next 3 nights.

Violet helped put up our tent.

Then Daddy sent us to the swimming pool while he finished setting up camp.

After dinner we walked beside the river, on the path around Patriot Park.

Enjoying some cotton candy ice cream in the parlour near the Old Mill restaurant. They had some great flavors (like my coconut). Yum!


What a busy first day of our family vacation!  She must have been exhausted (I was!), but Violet still didn’t get to sleep until around 10:30 that night.  She slept in her “room” of the tent like an old camping pro.  Morning came too soon, though, and we were up with the birds for another fun-filled day…  (to be continued)


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