Shaving Cream Fingerpainting

Lately, I have gotten so caught up in the laundry, gardening, weed-eating, mowing, cooking, dish washing, laundry, car repairs, doctor appointments, church projects, dish washing part of life (did I mention laundry and dish washing?) that I haven’t planned many “fun” activities for Violet and I to do.  I am really good at feeling guilty about anything and everything, so we can go ahead and add that to the list as well.  But I would much rather feel satisfied and happy, so when I saw this post over at Cozycakes Cottage I was inspired.

My friend Danielle (aka. Cozycakes Cottage) and her daughter made a list a while back called 102 Things to do This Summer.  What a great idea!  I should compose a list like that.

But I haven’t yet, so I will steal some of Danielle’s ideas.  Starting with Shaving Cream Finger Painting.

I thought this would be a no-brainer.  Take a cookie sheet, spray some shaving cream all over it and let Violet go to town.  I was all ready to get some tasks done in the kitchen while Violet played for hours — okay, twenty minutes? — with the shaving cream, but it didn’t happen the way I imagined.

Violet was not eager to get her hands dirty.  In fact, she said more than once that she wanted real paint, not shaving cream.  It took a lot of encouraging, but I finally got her to put her entire hand in it.

She did think that was cool.  For about a minute.  Seriously, I think I did more finger painting than Violet did.  Her favorite part of the activity was when I put some shaving cream on her nose.

And she loved it when I let her put some on my nose.  No, I do not have any pictures of that!

Okay, so this activity was a bust.  At least it was super-easy to clean up!  I have a lot more ideas for what to do this summer (thank you Pinterest) and I am looking forward to doing all kinds of fun stuff.

The week ahead is going to be full of excitement.  Violet’s 3rd birthday is on Saturday (two days away!) and Dave’s vacation starts tomorrow!  Yippee!  We are all going to be living like a “normal” family for the next couple weeks.  I know there is no such thing as normal, but what I am looking forward to the most is going to bed with and waking up beside my husband day after day after day.

This is turning into my favorite time of year.


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