Stamp Fever

Usually I drop Violet off at Mom’s house when I go scrapbooking with the girls.  Last night, however, I had two different options:  either take Violet with me or don’t go at all.

Violet helped me pack.

Even though she is only two years old (turns 3 in less than 3 weeks!) and has the attention span of a butterfly, I thought it might be possible to keep her occupied if I let her use my rubber stamps.  Violet has never been so fortunate as to have free reign of my stamps before, and it kept her busy for over two hours!  Wow!  I had no clue she would love it that much.

Early on, I had to accept the fact that my ink pads weren’t going to stay in pristine condition — you can see in the picture that dirty stamps were pressed onto different colors — but I figured I’ve had those ink pads for at least ten years and they couldn’t serve a better purpose than to occupy Violet for an evening.

I was so proud of my darling daughter.  She never complained, never whined or cried.  It was all smiles and songs coming from her seat.  Her biggest request was to have her sippy cup topped off with some water from the water cooler.  I can live with that.

The very best part?  I got a card done!

The ice cream cone and scoop are clear stamps from The Stamps of Life.  I bought them in Michigan at the Great Lakes Mega Meet last month and I love how it looks!  It makes me want some ice cream.


Moral of the story:  It is possible to get something done while crafting with your daughter, as long as you are willing to let her play with your “toys.”  Just be sure to have some ice cream in the freezer when you get home!


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