Moo-ving and Shaking at the Old Fort Harrod Beef Festival

Saturday our cute (and hungry) family of three piled into the car and headed to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to celebrate all things cow at the Fort Harrod Beef Festival.  Dave’s friend, Chris, was participating in the barbecue cook-off and it sounded like a great opportunity to get out and have some fun.

There was no admission charge, but for six bucks each we got a green wristband that allowed us unlimited samples of barbecue from the competing groups.  We each received ten tickets to place in the boxes of the contestants whose food we felt was the tastiest.

Violet loved feeding the goats! I think she would have stood there all day if we had let her.

While Violet did enjoy sampling some of the food, her favorite part of the festival was the kiddie corral. There were ten free games for the children to play, all while learning about farm animals.  Well, she was supposed to be learning about cows, pigs and chickens at each stop, but several of the station leaders were on their cell phones and didn’t seem to care much.  At each game Violet won a small prize and got a stamp on her card.  When her card was full she was able to redeem it for a free ice cream sandwich!

Pick a duck (I call them “dead ducks” since they were floating upside down), answer the question corresponding to the number on the bottom of the duck and win a prize. Violet’s question was “What do chickens lay?” “Eggs!” she declared. My child is a genius.

Violet climbed up in the chair and immediately swung her legs to the side so the face painter could create a work of art. (Violet chose a soccer ball.)

Loving the hay maze!

She figured the maze out on her own.

Some of Violet’s favorite prizes won are a kazoo (she is still mastering that), a cow keychain, and “sticky horse.”  We call it “sticky horse” because it is a little flat horse made out of some flexible, rubbery substance which attracts hair and dirt when it is dropped on the ground.  She has gotten more joy out of that 5-cent piece of China-made nonsense than any of her other toys these last few days.  Gotta love it!

This next week, I hope to get my craft on.  My scrapbook room is in a shambles, and desperately needs to be cleaned up, but I’m getting craft fever.  Craft withdrawals are setting in.  Last night, I made a stamped card and will be posting a picture of it soon, along with (hopefully) several other projects to be completed this week.  I have a lot on my plate right now, but I am content.

What do you have on your to-do list?  What do you have on your want-to-do list?


2 responses to “Moo-ving and Shaking at the Old Fort Harrod Beef Festival

  1. Genius, yes! Looks like a fun day! Get your craft on so we can see your crafts and be inspired 🙂 I’d LOVE to do some scrapbooking, but my to-do list involves the abyss we call the garage.

    • That’s funny. Just be grateful it is the garage and not my barn! Now that is frightening. All kinds of creatures reside in there. It’s the stuff horror flicks are based on.
      I do what I can to avoid the barn at all costs.
      Good luck! 😉

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