Flora and Fawn

This week we finally got our weedeater fixed, which means we can finally catch up on the yard work that has started to get out of hand.  We were gone all day today, but as soon as we got back my wonderful husband jerked that puppy on and proceeded to annihilate the weeds.

While Dave labored and sweated, Violet and I blew bubbles.

Hey.  We were helping to beautify the yard.  Some of the bubbles floated halfway down the lawn.  We wanted to see if we could get one to reach the cows in the pasture across the road.  No such luck.

Dave moved his way up the driveway and suddenly stopped, ordering me through gritted teeth to get myself over there.

“Why?”  I asked.

“Just get over here,” he said, in a manner to which I am not accustomed.

“Why?” I repeated.  “I don’t have shoes on.”

“I don’t care.  Just come over here.  There’s a fawn.”

“A fawn?” I repeated.  I am sure at this point he would have strangled me, if I hadn’t been halfway across the yard.

Lucky for me, this time I came running, camera in hand.

It was quite startling for me to see a fawn hiding in a spot like this in broad daylight.  I would have thought mama deer would choose the woods.

The little fawn had her (his?) head pointing through the barbed-wire fence, but she was watching us as best she could without moving.  I had to watch her side to make sure she was breathing.  I am listening to the coyotes howling outside as I type this and I sure do hope mama comes back to get her!

It seems like lately we have been seeing a lot more wildlife on our property.  What is the most interesting or unusual animal you have found near your home?


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