Don’t Feed the Wildlife

Here’s a tip for you:  When living in the hills of Kentucky — the foothills of Appalachia to be more precise — do not leave a full trash bag on your porch for any length of time.  It does not matter if it is noon on a very hot, sunny day.  It does not matter if it is only for thirty minutes.

Because if you do, the animals will find it.

My dog, Clover, was standing at attention at the front door, so I opened it and she darted out.  Moments later, I witnessed her running to the tulip poplar tree in our yard, hot on the heels of the largest squirrel I have ever seen in my life.


That is not a squirrel.

It is a raccoon.

A raccoon which tore a gaping hole in the trash bag.  A raccoon which just moments earlier was on my front porch.  On my front porch!  In the middle of the day!  He must have been just a few feet away (or less!) when I opened the door to let Clover out.


He (she?) is cute, though.  I had a stuffed raccoon named Racky (clever name, I know) when I was a kid.  Racky lives in Violet’s closet now.

Now — two hours later — the raccoon is still up in the tree.  I don’t think he’ll be coming down anytime soon.  Clover keeps checking on it.

The trash bag is in its proper place now, also.  We wouldn’t want to attract any more wildlife.

But wait!  Here is something!

A cute little blue-tailed lizard.  We see these here quite often in the Summer.  I welcome anything that eats bugs.  Well, except spiders.  I will never welcome spiders.

Okay.  Well, I’m going to grab my camera and head outside to mow the lawn.  If it gets much longer, we are liable to start attracting snakes.



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