Beat the Heat

Today I have some tips for staying cool during record-setting heat.


1.  Put on your brand-new, cute-as-a-button swimming suit.  You may have chubby thighs, but in such a darling suit, who cares?
2.  Get your feet wet.  The water may feel cold at first, but trust me: as the heat ratchets up, you’ll wonder what you’d do without it.
3.  Invite some friends over. Water play is always more fun with friends.
4. Show them how excited you are that they made the long trip to see you. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.
5. Forget the kiddie pool. Get your grandma to turn on the sprinkler!
6. Most importantly, remember to stay hydrated!

I hope these tips helped.  Have a great holiday weekend and God bless!


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