Yard Sale 2012

It seems like every few years we have a yard sale.  The fact that all my life I’ve been a collector of stuff sure does help stock the tables at our sales.  While I will never be a minimalist, I do enjoy purging the house of things we no longer use or need.

Somehow, the empty space created always seems to fill up again.  Funny how that works.

Proceeds from this year’s sale will help fund our mini-vacation to Tennessee next month.  With what I made today, one of us can gain admission to Dollywood.  I hope we have a lot of buyers tomorrow, or else it looks like Dave will be waiting for me in the parking lot.

Just kidding.

Stay cool and have a great holiday weekend!


4 responses to “Yard Sale 2012

  1. I love reading your blog. Violet is so pretty in the pics. And now I know what house to look for tomorrow. Cant wait to hang out! Don’t forget to bring your hoop so we can get our hoop on.!

  2. Hope the sale is going better for you today! I’m purging some stuff this week too, but I admire you – I don’t have the patience to handle a yard sale so goodwill is arriving on Tuesday!

    Viloet is a doll as usual!!! Cute pics! I love that porch! Is that your Mom’s place?

    • Yep, that is Mom’s porch. She got so many compliments on her landscaping from yard salers! That made her feel really good. It sounds like you’ve been working on your yard, too…?

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