Happy Birthday, Mom!

Actually, Mom’s birthday was on Monday.  We celebrated it Sunday.

Yes, I am running a little behind.

Ever since we visited Anglin Falls back in March, Mom has been wanting to go, too, so on Saturday we all went for a hike.  There wasn’t nearly as much water running as there was two months ago, but it was still beautiful.

Getting ready to get hiking. The trail head was absolutely infested with poison ivy!

Only a few are visible in this picture, but there were dozens of little blue butterflies fluttering around here in the dappled light. So beautiful!

For some reason, I neglected to take any pictures of the waterfall itself.  Is it a sign of old age when you forget to take a photograph of the thing you just hiked for an hour to get to?

Thought so.

Sunday, after church, Violet and I immediately began cooking for Grandma’s birthday dinner.  On the menu was red-skin potato salad with peas (a new recipe), corn on the cob, big hamburgers (per Mom’s request) and yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  YUM!

The potato salad wanted 10 ounces of peas. We could only harvest 1 ounce of our garden peas. Ha! But it was fun, anyway.

Mom wanted some cake for a midday snack. What birthday girl wants, birthday girl gets!

I think she wished for vanilla ice cream. (It came true!)

After cake, we went to the local garden center and bought some tomato, bell pepper, banana pepper, jalapeno and watermelon plants.  Mom had grown some tomatoes from seed, but they didn’t look too happy and we wanted more varieties anyway.

We planted this tall tomato plant laying in a shallow trench, so it will slowly turn toward the sun.

We planted four rows of green beans just four days earlier. This little bean is still in his sleeping bag. Rise and shine, little sprout!

Mmm. The cake tasted even better the second time.

So, we traded balloons and streamers for dirt and spades.  But if you knew my mom, you would know she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy birthday, Mom!


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