Ice Cream Meltdown

After leaving Nino Salvaggio, we planned to go to Partridge Creek to get some ice cream from Coldstone Creamery.

Partridge Creek is a really cool outdoor mall where I can actually be content just window shopping — even if I have not a dime to my name.  There are fountains where the children play in the summer, an official play area for the kids and dogs are welcome, too!  With stores like Nordstrom, Coldwater Creek and Sur la Table, window shopping is in fact what I usually do.  I could spend an hour (or more) in Sur la Table, adding to my wish list.  I settled for buying a few more cookie cutters.

I parked as closely as I could to Coldstone, but to our dismay it is no longer there!  The only other place that currently sells ice cream in The Creek is Nestle Toll House.  So we headed over there and discovered it was Free Cone Day.  It seems our luck is turning around!  The three of us each got a free cone and sat on a bench in the shade to enjoy them.

Violet has not mastered the art of licking an ice cream cone.  Instead of turning the cone, licking the melting goodness before it has a chance to drip, her tongue darts out and gently flicks at a single spot on the scoop.

As a result, the ice cream melts, dripping onto Violet’s hand and causing a meltdown of another sort.  Violet would not accept any help from Mom and I; she scooted as far over on the bench as she could and at one point shouted, “Stop looking at me!!”

My parenting strategy in this situation was to laugh and take pictures.  Hey, it works for me.

I am sure you will be relieved to know that Violet did in fact finish her cone and once it was all gone, she was a happy little girl again.

This was a learning experience for Violet.  She learned that sometimes life is the drips, but you’ve just got to take your licks and keep on going.

Ha ha.


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