Michigan, Here We Come!

When I moved to Kentucky I told myself (and everyone else) that I would come back to visit my family and friends often.  I was thinking, like, 3 times per year — if not more often.  Things haven’t turned out the way I planned.

Due to the rising cost of, well, everything, it has turned into an annual visit.  Someday that will change, but for now it is what it is.

By the way, any family or friends of mine have an open invitation to come visit me as well!  I will do my best to make your stay a memorable, pleasant one.

So, this past week was our annual visit to Michigan.  Yay!  I look forward to this for 51 weeks and the time finally arrived.

[on a sidenote: I planned to blog while in Michigan, but the wi-fi at the hotel left much to be desired.  I couldn’t even open my browser half the time.  I was fit to be tied, and I’m glad I’m back in the land of the internet.]

What’s that you ask?  Of course I took a lot of pictures!  And I am so excited to show them to you!

In an effort to keep some green in our bank accounts, we packed lots of snacks and a picnic lunch for the trip up.  Violet was a gem and we didn’t need to stop until our halfway mark in Ohio.  A quick picnic and we were on the road again.

(cue music)

This was Violet’s first time in a hotel.  She was incredibly excited.  The smile on her face says it all.

After unloading most of our stuff into the hotel room, we headed over to my brother’s house.  Again, Violet was very much looking forward to seeing her cousins and her Aunt and Uncle.  I was happy to be with family again.

We had a great — if not short — initial visit before it was time to go back to the hotel.

Then it was another two or three hours before Violet finally fell asleep.  So much for watching Smash on the hotel room’s tv; we had to turn it and all the lights off before Violet would settle down.  Thank goodness for DVR!

Next on the agenda:  Grandpa!


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