Making Lovely Tissue Paper Flowers

Which came first, the decorations or the party?

What I mean is, am I creating all these decorations to liven up the Creative Memories party I’m hostessing on Monday, or did I decide to have a party just so I would have an excuse to go crazy making decorations (and cooking lots of yummy food)?

Either way, I’m having a ton of fun!

Yesterday, I came across a fantastic tutorial on 100 Layer Cake, showing how to make Mexican paper flowers for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.  ¡Bueno!  These would be perfect for my party! I thought.

Yes, I sometimes think in Spanish.

I urge you to go check out the link for 100 Layer Cake.  If you haven’t yet, I’ll give it to you again here.  You’re not going to get a step-by-step tutorial from me; I’m just going to show you my finished flowers!

¿Bonita, no?

In just a few hours we will be at the park with our church family, talking, playing, laughing and eating some great food (including those pretty cookies I made slaved over yesterday).  No doubt, while I’m at the park enjoying myself, my mind will be on these lovely flowers…

…and how I need to make about a gazillion more by Monday.

Have a good one!


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