A Bird’s Delight… and then a Fright!

To my credit, I did in fact work on my apron yesterday.  The ties are now sewn and turned right-side out.  Yay.  I didn’t get around to pressing them yet, though.

I also completed one measly 8×8 scrapbook page for my crafts album last night.  American Idol was too distracting for me, apparently.

On a brighter note, my birdhouse is finally finished!  I never told you about this birdhouse, just in case it wound up languishing in my pile of unfinished craft projects.  That is a sad, sad place to be, so if you ever come into my craft room, whatever you do — don’t look in the corner!

I found the birdhouse at Michael’s way back in the beginning of February.  I believe it was February first, as a matter of fact.  I also believe it only cost $1.  It was plain unfinished wood and I painted it blue all over.

Then came the exciting part.  For me, anyway.  Up until now, I have never had the pleasure of using Mod Podge.  I knew I was missing out, but I didn’t know how much!  I rifled through my extensive stash of patterned scrapbook paper and found a few pieces that I thought would look nice on this birdie abode.  After they were cut to size, I painted a layer of Mod Podge over the birdhouse and placed the paper pieces where they were supposed to be — right on top of the wet stuff.  I waited for it to dry, then I painted on another coat, on top of the paper.  After the second coat of Mod Podge dried, I painted on a third coat (last night) then I said I was done.

I could certainly add a few more coats and it would only look better and better, but I don’t have that much patience.  Here is the birdhouse today:

Cute, huh?  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I bought that adorable little bird on the same day I bought the birdhouse.  It’s glued onto an alligator clip and perches so nicely on the front of the house.

And no, this isn’t staying outside; I want it inside so I can look at it all the time!

Violet and I made it to storytime at the library today.  She had never been to the “big kid” storytime before and she did great!  We are going to have to work on sitting still and following directions.  She wanted to “go play” when we were all supposed to be singing a song or reading a book. She also couldn’t wait to use the glue!  Every storytime ends with a craft and today we made monster masks.

There’s nothing like a good monster mask in mid-April.

Have a BOO-tiful day!


4 responses to “A Bird’s Delight… and then a Fright!

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun to make. Now I need to pick my next Mod Podge project. The possibilities are endless! (There are websites devoted to the stuff!)

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