The Easter Egg Scramble

That pesky bunny went and hid all his eggs again.

Easter egg hunts abounded today.  They were everywhere.  I had planned to take Violet to the egg hunt at our church, but was invited by a lady in MOPS to a hunt in a nearby city.  I was interested to see what it was like since it had a lot of sponsors, Meijer being the biggest one.  So off to the “big” city we hopped.

It was a gorgeous day; it started out very cool, but was bright and sunny and warmed up quickly.  This eggstravaganza had a lot of different games (and prizes) for the kiddies, food vendors, sponsor booths, and a couple of bounce houses.  All that play at Monkey Joe’s must have been in preparation for this day, because Violet climbed right in and bounced with the best of them.  She loved going down the slide.

There were balloons, too.  Lots of balloons.  We managed to hang on to our pink one until we got home.  Now it is stuck to the ceiling in the living room, right next to the gigantic heart balloon Dave got Violet for Valentine’s Day.  Really.

The hunt itself was divided into groups according to the children’s age.  The first group to go was supposed to be kids age three years and younger.  I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t think there would be so many people!  There were thousands of people in attendance.

One thing that really irritated me was that there were kids well over the age of three participating in the little kids’ egg hunt.  Maybe the parents of those kids didn’t understand the rules, but I don’t buy that.  There are always people out there that think the rules don’t apply to them, or just simply don’t care.  So this is how many people we had waiting to hunt in the 3-and-under group:

One parent was allowed on the field with their child(ren).  I let Mom go with Violet so I could take pictures.  Trust me, I didn’t mind having the cushy job of standing behind the orange fence, watching it all go down.  Once they said, “Go!” it was like a giant wave of locusts crossing a field of wheat.  That’s what it made me think of, anyway.  I’ve never actually seen locusts consuming a field of wheat before.

What I’m saying is very quickly the field was picked clean.

Mom did an admirable job of helping Violet find some eggs while also not losing her in the masses. We heard at least three announcements for lost children while we were there today.  It makes my skin crawl when I think about how I would feel if it was Violet who was lost.

There she is!  Safe and sound with her grandma.  And there are some yummy treats in her basket now.

By this point, Violet was flying high.  She was probably in shock because I was letting her eat her candy.  Whatever the reason, she was very happy.  Good time for a photo op!

I love this picture.  ‘Nuff said.

I didn’t realize it until we got there, but my friend Susan’s petting zoo was part of the festivities!  Violet had never before ridden on a pony.  Heck, she freaks out if I try to put her on the mechanical horse at Meijer.  But today she said she wanted to ride.  Okay.  We gave it a shot.

She loved it!

Violet smiled the entire time she was on the pony and didn’t stop until we were home again.  I was so proud of my girl.  She has come so far in the past couple years.  Yes, I realize that she isn’t even three yet.  But if you knew Violet like I know Violet, you would be impressed that she rode this pony with a smile on her face.  Also that I had nothing to do with it; Susan picked her up, put her on the pony, walked beside her and took her off again.  Another victory.

My baby is growing up.  That’s exactly what’s happening.  *sigh*

What a lucky girl! Violet even got to sit in a real fire truck!  She didn’t say much, but I really do think she was excited.  Grandma gave her a toy fire truck for Christmas and she loves it.

Today was such a wonderful day.  The only thing missing was Dave.  We all missed him, but at least I took lots of pictures.

God bless you all and have a happy Easter!


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