Dyeing Eggs and Scaring Cows

It’s that time of year again.

Yes, that time of year when we rejoice in the miracle that was Jesus’s resurrection.  We celebrate that He Is Risen and we celebrate new life.

And we dye eggs.

I think that dyeing Easter eggs is one of those fun traditions that never gets old or boring.  I was looking at the box our dye kit came in and thinking about how excited I would get as a child looking at those Paas characters.  The cartoon chick, rabbit and sheep remind me of the early days.

I don’t have any specific memories of Paas boxes, but I will say that one of my first memories is about Easter egg decor.  I just remember being in my brother’s bedroom closet — which had a particle board floor, because my parents built the house and it wasn’t quite finished yet — and seeing an Easter egg rub-on [rubbed] on the floor.  It may have been Snoopy.

That’s it.  Not very much of a memory, I know, but I love those early ones.

No rub-ons today, but we had plenty of dye, wraps and stickers.  But first things first:

First, I must moo at the cows.  They were grazing in the pasture opposite Mom’s property this afternoon.

“MMOOOOOO!!!” is the equivalent of, “Hey! Look at me and smile!”

Then I come back inside and see this:

Violet is plugging her ear and looking at me as if I’ve gone mad.

Nothing too exciting happened while we were dyeing the eggs.  No catastrophic dye spills.  Just three girls having some fun.

Our pink eggs were a failure.  Maybe if we had let the egg sit in the dye for an hour, it would have turned pink.  I like the striped effect we got on some of the eggs.

Tomorrow we’re hunting eggs!


3 responses to “Dyeing Eggs and Scaring Cows

  1. Love the eggs! This is our first year dying eggs (our son had a severe egg allergy that he outgrew!) I’m so excited to dye them today! She looks so adorable!!

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