Let’s Go to Lowe’s

     Violet gets excited when I tell her we’re going to Lowe’s.

     In fact, she gets excited when I tell her we’re going anywhere.  Walmart, Penney’s, Michael’s, Meijer… the kid likes to shop.  That is, as long as I keep moving and never stop to browse.

     God help me if I browse.

     So today we went to our favorite home improvement warehouse (Lowe’s), which also happens to be the only home improvement warehouse within an hour’s drive of our house.  We had to make a few stops first and Violet was getting impatient, asking when we were going to Lowe’s.  I swear the child is going to learn to read just by knowing the names of the stores and their signage, because she can see any store’s logo and know the name of the place.

     What a big girl Violet is getting to be!  Mommy actually let her sit on the big lumber cart and ride through the store that way.  Vi got at least half a dozen grins and comments from employees and customers.

     Just in case you’re curious, I’ll tell you what we bought.  3 long landscape timbers, 2 big bags of pine mulch for around my blueberry bushes, 2 packages of bird netting (so the buggers don’t eat my blueberries), 2 6-packs of snapdragons (one of my favorite flowers) and a roll of R19 non-faced insulation.  Exciting huh?

     Violet thought so.


4 responses to “Let’s Go to Lowe’s

    • I should leave you in suspense, but I won’t.
      We need to add more insulation throughout the attic, but rather than go and buy a ton of it all at once (and spend a fortune) we are going to buy it a little at a time and Dave can install it as we get it.

  1. Here you are planting flowers and it has been so cold here the last 2 days. It rained here today but 2 miles west of us at Peggy’s it sleeted. I did get all the branches picked up out of the yard yesterday so now it is ready to be mowed. I am having the big black walanut tree topped as soon as they have time to come. It had so many nuts on the ground it was dangerous to walk. Twice I slipped and turned my ankle but didn’t hurt anything. I didn’t want ity cut dowen completely cause it holds up one end of my clothesline. I sure enjoy your Purple Dixie. Love, Granny

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