Saying Goodbye Sucks

     Last night my friend Samantha and her girls came over to my house for a going-away dinner.  In two days they will leave for Pennsylvania and instead of my good friend being a 20-minute drive away, instead she will be 12 hours away.  

     635 miles, to be exact.

     I know, because I just googled it.

     I am wallowing in self-pity this morning.  In a few minutes, I will go outside and bathe my body in the bright sunshine, letting it warm me up when I feel so cold.  

     I am struggling with how much I want to say here.  Very easily, I could make myself sound like a basket case.  Maybe that wouldn’t be so far from the truth.  To be honest, I am scared.

     It has always been hard for me to make good friends.  I’m the kind of person who prefers to have a few really close friends rather than a lot of acquaintances with whom I can’t really be myself.  Considering the fact that I have a different sense of humor than a lot of people, I can really be quite shy and aloof at first, and relatively often stick my foot in my mouth, the pool of potential girlfriends is quickly drained.  

     I have been very lucky, though, that I have made several friends here in Kentucky.

     One of them is Samantha.

     We met when we were both pregnant and I hadn’t even lived here a year yet.  

     We’ve been through a lot.  That’s as much as I want to say.  

     I would love to share some pictures with you, though!

     Yes, I am going to miss you both, but our friendship can continue to grow despite the distance.

     Besides, now I have a reason to go on vacation in PA!  And it’s not that far from NYC.



6 responses to “Saying Goodbye Sucks

    • Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Somehow I don’t think I could convince my husband how great it would be. He is prejudiced toward big cities (and traffic and crowds…) Sounds like a good girls’ vacation, though!

  1. Don’t worry girl, Sam is good about coming back into your life when you least expect it! For as long as I have known her, good byes are kind of the norm for me and her. Besides the best part is I met you through her and look forward to growing our relationship 😉

  2. My best advice is keep in touch. We moved so ofen when we were maaried and I still echange Christmas with friends from North Dakota and we moved there in 1950. Only 3 left though. It is hard to leve good friends, but we all just tke what life handsout. Granny Jane

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