Scrapping: Creative Memories Virtual Crop

     Good Monday morning to you all (y’all?)!  

     I have high hopes that I am going to have a very productive start to the week.  I’ve already drank one and a half cups of coffee, so I’m on a roll!

     Yesterday, I snagged some scrapping time and managed to complete two pages.  Creative Memories hosted their first “virtual crop” online Friday through Sunday.  There were challenges, door prizes and lots of inspiration.  So far, I haven’t won a prize, but there are still 3 shots at it, so wish me luck!

     Want to see what I created yesterday?

     First, there was a challenge to do a page about who I am right now.  The challenge was open to interpretation.  Some people listed qualities about themselves, some people included lots of photos and some — like me — relied on journaling to tell my story.

I wanted the title to be "I AM", but I was out of I's and A's, so I used my initials instead. I used the negative space around the A (and colored it all in with a green marker).

     I had to stop and think, “Who am I?” before I could do anything.  The answer came to me pretty quickly.  First and foremost I am a wife and mother.  Beyond that, most of the things that drive me through life have to do with art in one way or another.

     The subtitles “wife & mom” and “Artist” are on folded pieces of paper that open up to reveal my journaling.  I like this, because A) the layout looks “cleaner” without all the journaling visible at first-glance and B) believe it or not, I can be a pretty private person and I like that I can show you my page, but I don’t have to let you read what I wrote!  Sorry. 

     I should tell you that the background paper is from Creative Memories’ Black & White Power Palette and the other photo mats, journaling boxes and flowers are from the Delight PP.

     Next, I completed a page that challenged me to put more than six photos on a page.  How about eleven?!  

     Yes, I think that will cover it.

     Immediately, I knew that the photos from our scrapbooking retreat would fit the bill.  I still have about twenty left to scrap!

     First, I trimmed all the photos to a height of three inches.  This gives them a uniform, film strip-esque kind of look when I lay them on the page.  Then I trimmed their width so I could fit all the pictures on the page.  I wanted to leave enough space to have a title in the upper corner, so it took me a little while to trim them just right.

     After the pictures were trimmed to my uber-picky specifications, I mounted them on strips of green and orange patterned paper, which I then stuck on the page.

     For the title, I punched out a tag shape from the green paper and doodled “Hard At Work” with my black marker.  Then I filled it in with red.  A little red ink around the edges and some foam squares to give it dimension, and the title is done!

     Now that I knocked thirteen photos out of my “to scrap” envelope, I definitely need to get some more prints before next weekend.  I can’t wait to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day with all of my scrapping buddies!

     What crafty thing did you do this weekend?  Don’t be shy, I love to hear from you!


2 responses to “Scrapping: Creative Memories Virtual Crop

    • I’m trying, I’m trying! The light bulb in my lamp burned out last week and it took me a while to get a new one. Then it took me a while to put it in right. (long story)
      Now I’m good to go!

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