Making a Garden Trellis

     Every morning I wake up, stumble out to the kitchen, let the dog out the back door and stick my head out to see how much bigger my peas are.  

     Every morning they’re standing a little taller, waving their little viney arms at me as if to say, “Where is our trellis?  You can’t put it off much longer!”

     They are very demanding, these peas of mine.

     Well, this morning I was inspired while wandering — somewhat aimlessly — through a Local Foods Expo near my home.  A man was selling garden trellis made out of interwoven sticks, branches and grapevine.  He used screws to hold the pieces together and I thought, “I can do that!”  

     There was no way I was going to pay the man $20 for one, no matter how beautiful they were.  I have a seemingly-infinite supply of material to work with here at home.  

     Hmm…  Sounds like a good job for Violet.

     Step 1:  Gather small tree limbs, branches, sticks and maybe even some grapevine if you have some around.

     Step 2:  Lay two of your longest, sturdiest pieces (mine were small tree trunks, not just limbs) and lay them on the ground, parallel to each other.  Start laying the smaller branches across the width of what will be your trellis. 

     Step 3:  Use screws, wire, rope, string or even grapevine to secure the branches in place.  I used screws almost exclusively.  Cut any excess length off of the branches.  Have fun with the pattern you make.  I found myself standing back a lot, examining from afar and trying to determine where the next piece should go.  

         Step 4:  Got grapevine?  Weave it in and out among the branches.  I found some rather thick grapevine hanging from a tree on my property.  

     Step 5:  Prop it up and admire your work.

     It is hard for me to believe that someday these little peas will be covering this trellis.  

     Even though I really wasn’t feeling well, I persevered and finished a second one.

     This trellis is shorter than the first one and I didn’t use any grapevine.  Which one do you like better?  

     Or do you hate them both?

     C’mon.  You can be honest.  

     Oops.  Looks like I forgot to trip the end off the bottom of the second trellis.  I’ll have to get that tomorrow.  Then I can sit back in my lawn chair with a margarita and relax.

     Yeah, right.  


10 responses to “Making a Garden Trellis

  1. I LOVE it! Jen, you make your old man proud. Good job. I didn’t know you had a little of the woodworker in you. 🙂

    • If I could go back and do it again, I would spend a lot more time in the workshop with you, watching and learning from the best. Sometimes I wish I had done that more.
      Thank you for the praise. Little girls always love praise from their daddies. 🙂

  2. I like them both but I think the grapevine one would be easier to make. Not so many screws. You should have your Mom save you some of her vines, unless she has them all cut down. I put 2 nails in the edge of the picnic table today to move the rain gauge down to the other end where it is easier to see from inside the
    house. I’m not the best carpenter, that’s for sure.. Love, Granny

  3. Grapevine is my fav but both are AWESOME! Did you “pin” this yet? Don’t worry I am LOL And does green beans need such things as a trellis?

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