Happy Birthday, Georgia!

     I can’t believe that my niece, Georgia, is turning 11 today.  Where do the years go?  Before I know it, Violet will be 11.

     She already acts like it sometimes.

     Here is the card that I made for lovely Georgia’s birthday.  

     The stamp is by Sarah Kay for Stampavie.  I stamped it in black ink and colored it all in with colored pencils.  I like that I could make the girl’s hair a pretty blonde like Georgia’s.  

     Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m not missing the boat with the Copic craze.  I did finally buy a few markers when I learned a couple of my friends were collecting Copics and sharing them, but none of us really know what we’re doing.  Our finished products certainly don’t look like the sample work I see.  

     You know what I’m talking about.  You’ve seen it.  The fantastic, truly artistic result of an experienced Copic-er who probably owns every single $8 marker there is.  And there are hundreds — for every shade of color imaginable.

     There is only so much we can do with one each of red, brown, blue, green, pink and purple.  That’s why I am liking my colored pencils.  

     At least I know how to use them.

     What about you?  Do any of you crafty people out there use Copics?  Got any tips for me?


One response to “Happy Birthday, Georgia!

  1. So cute, she will love it for sure. I love Stampavie..but don’t know what Copic is. When I’ve used stamps, I color with colored pencils and do the blending tool thingie(I’m quite crafty, you can see:). Teach me, J!

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