Happy Birthday to Us!

     I turn 34 years old in 10 minutes.  

     But who’s counting?

     Dave had to go back to work last night, so my birthday wish for him is light traffic, all the weigh stations have red lights, all the restrooms are spotless and his deliveries and pickups run smoothly (and quickly).  You know, all the stuff most people wish for on their birthdays, right?

     I took some pictures of his birthday card before leaving him at the truck stop last night.

     For this card I used Studio Calico paper.  The stamps are Inky Antics and I colored in the images with colored pencils.  A little brown ink on the edges of the brown patterned paper and I was all done.  

          I also used Creative Memories foam squares under the monkeys and the sentiment.

     The pattern on the inside of the card is a really cool wood-grain.  Oh yeah, you are going to have to imagine what I wrote inside his card, because I’m not telling!

     Some of you have shown an interest in what exactly was inside that big box I showed you a few days ago.  Violet helped us rip it open yesterday.  The contents?

     A very large toaster/convection oven!  Yay!!  I have been wanting a new toaster oven, because my other one was absolutely pitiful.  This is going to be fantastic for cooking small meals for Violet and I — and not heating up the entire kitchen in the Summer!  

     This thing takes up some serious counter space (a pizza can fit inside it), but I stuck it in the corner and it will be fine.  Eventually, we will get a microwave/oven hood and that will help.

Our birthday cake was delicious and Violet was so excited to put the candles on the cake and sing Happy Birthday to both of us.

     Don’t ask why there is a giant hole missing out of the center of the cake.  It’s a long story.  (YUM!)


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. YAY! Happy Birthday, Jen (and Dave)!!! May this be the best year yet for you! And I hope you have an extra-special day with Violet. Too bad Dave has to work, but I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend together. And woooo for your new toaster oven! GO crazy! Do a PW recipe in it! We got one for Christmas from my parents (ha!) and I, too, was thrilled…kitchen stuff is the best:)

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