Our Day

     My hubby and I share our birthday, which is on Monday — isn’t that the coolest thing ever?  He is six years older than me, but he can never say he forgot my birthday.  Ha!

     I came home yesterday to find this very large box sitting in our living room.  The tag says “To Jen and Dave.”  hmm…Mom must have been here.  We’ll wait until tomorrow to open it. 

     Another gift Mom is giving us is the gift of an entire day out, alone.  Just us two.  And what better way to spend a day out on the town without kids than to go shopping?

     I have so been looking forward to this.

     I can browse, peruse, consider, stroll, and meander all to my heart’s desire without having Violet there demanding that I get a move on!  Dave has promised he will follow me wherever I lead.  Don’t worry, half of the shopping is for him and we are going to go to some fun places as well.

     And dinner out.  No potty breaks mid-meal.  No rushing.


     Thanks, Mom!


8 responses to “Our Day

  1. You must be looking forward to THE day out! We can’t have the same opportunity. We live in a different country from both our families 😦

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