The Kitchen Bed: Before and After (Planting More Spinach and Peas)

     I have decided to call the flowerbed just outside the back door “the kitchen bed” instead of “the flowerbed outside the kitchen that I am planting vegetables in.”  

     “The kitchen bed” is much catchier, don’t you think?

     On Wednesday, Mom was kind enough to buy me several (twenty) bags of dirt while she was at Walmart.  I never in my life imagined myself buying dirt, until I moved to Kentucky.  For years, I watched my mom gardening and never had any kind of interest in it.  But then I got married, “inherited” 5 acres of land just ripe for improvement and the windows of opportunity were flung wide open.  I feel like I could spend the rest of my years working on the land here and never run out of things to do.

     This day, I decided to work on the kitchen bed. 

     When we started it looked like this.  Not pretty, I know.  The weeds are really liking this warm weather we are having.  

     We took care of them.

     Violet helped by digging up all the rocks and putting them in the wheelbarrow.

     We found all kinds of cool stuff, like a snail shell and a very large lizard that attacked my shoe and then ran under the car.  We all spent several minutes on our stomachs looking under the car, but could not convince Mr. Lizard to come out and play.

     This was the first time Violet ever held an earthworm.  It tickled!  We saw lots of baby worms, but this was the biggest “momma” worm we came across.

     After pulling all the weeds, gathering what mulch I had and depositing it in a trash can (for later use) and turning the dirt with a shovel we then got to dump all twenty bags of new dirt into the kitchen bed.  Bags of dirt don’t go nearly as far as one would think.

     Finally, Violet and I got to plant more peas and a lot more spinach seeds.  

     Does anyone have any good recipes using peas and/or spinach?  We’re going to need them!


7 responses to “The Kitchen Bed: Before and After (Planting More Spinach and Peas)

  1. I wanna grow peas and spinach! I want 5 acres! Ok, that’s enough of that. Good work, looks fantastic! And Violet looks like she had a wonderful day working the land with mommy 🙂 I’m sure I have some recipes to send you—because we love spinach. Not that you’ll love the recipes. Lise saw the pics over my shoulder and said she loves the pink elephant watering can and that V looks “so cute holding that worm!” 🙂

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