Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, Old-School Style

     Yesterday while I was going through bin after bin of baby clothes, Violet got to play with all my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  

This is Sour Grapes. Her pet was a snake (which I still have). Anybody remember her?

     This stash of 1980’s childhood fun was introduced to her last year; when I wanted to work in the garden I would give Violet the bin of old toys to play with.  It bought me at least 45 minutes at a time.  win!


Strawberry pie, anyone?

It still works, because Violet played with the old dolls for nearly two hours while I sorted, reminisced over and decided to let go of [some of] her baby clothes.  Occasionally she would bring me a tiny shoe to put on a tiny stockinged foot.  Later she decided that Strawberry Shortcake wanted to go “swimming”.  So I had to take all of Strawberry’s clothes off.  

     Poor, naked Strawberry.

     When I was digging around in the boxes of stuff I have stored in the Little House (that’s what we call it) I found a small bin of Easter stuff I bought on clearance last year.  I lifted the lid to refresh my memory on what goodies I had and smiled when I saw this little guy.

     So perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!  I am surprised I found it before the holiday.  It would be just like me to find it next week.

     Later, after Violet and I had finished putting away the toys and clothes for the day, I thought of something else.  Luckily, I knew which bin to look inside.

     A little soap and water and this guy is as good as new.

     The plush Care Bear (Good Luck Bear) got thrown into the washer and fluffed in the dryer while Violet waited patiently to cuddle her new toy.  

     Just what we need: more toys in the house.


One response to “Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, Old-School Style

  1. I have that S.S! Brings back good memories and the scent! Your SS toys are cooool. I didn’t have the house and such. What a fun day:) p.s. I have a couple easy crafts we’re doing today for St.Pat’s. I’ll share!

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