I think I have magazine ADD[iction]

     After spending the better part of the morning and early afternoon sorting through Violet’s old clothes in the house and also in the storage building, I poured myself a tall glass of water and sat down in my comfy chair to read for a bit.  Besides some ads from the Sunday paper (I’m a tad slow getting the paper read), there was only one magazine on the coffee table — Parenting.  

     But I don’t want to read Parenting.  Where is that new Scrapbooks Etc. I bought the other day?

     I get up to go find the magazine I want, along the way collecting the other various magazines laying around the house.  

     These are just the most recent magazines I have received.  I have another pile of older magazines in the scrapbook room, waiting to be read.  In my defense, I have made significant progress in this endeavor.  

     That is, until the new month’s magazines arrive in the mailbox.

     I think I’m addicted to magazines.  I used to be addicted to books, but these days I can count on both hands the number of books I read in a year (I used to read a book a week, at least).  Magazines are great for people with short attention spans or who get called away from their reading a lot (i.e. parents).  Also, in the evenings I can probably manage to finish an article before passing out from sheer exhaustion.  It takes me an insane amount of time to finish a book now, because I only read 2 or 3 pages in a night before I fall asleep with the book open!

     I am always looking for a good read, be it a book or a magazine.  What about you?  What are you reading?  What do you recommend?


8 responses to “I think I have magazine ADD[iction]

  1. I’m on the second book of a six book series called “A game of Thrones: A song of ice and fire”, by George R.R.Martin. It’s size and scope is about like Tolkien’s “lord of the rings” on steroids, but this is about feudal lords, knights, castles, etc. First book was a mere 694 pages. You should try it, Jen. 😉

    • Okay. I am adding it to my “to-read” list. Well, I didn’t actually write it down. I’ll add “writing it down” to my to-do list.

      As far as length goes, this tome sounds reminiscent of our good friend, Steve. You know the guy.

      Did you ever read The Night Circus, since it appears you are back in the book-reading business?

  2. My husband loves the Game of Thrones books (and the new show was well).
    I am with you on the magazine addiction. I kid you not when I say that I’ve purged this house of over 150 of them in the last few weeks alone. Also…I just picked up….a “scrapbooking your heritage” book at the store! Still don’t know what I’m doing, but hey, I’ll copy the book:)

  3. If you are missing the literary fix, you might want to pick up a collection of short stories from your local library or via one of the used book sites. Another book to try is The Happiness Project, a non-fiction, funny, practical book that can be read in small sections. When my boys were young, I read in small spurts. Now that they are older (11 and 14) I’m in a book club, and enjoy reading longer books again. You will too!

    • The Happiness Project is on my to-read shelf on Goodreads. Are you a member of Goodreads?
      I have read large books since Violet was born, but it doesn’t happen often. When a favorite author comes out with the next in a series (like Diana Gabaldon) or Stephen King releases a new one I’m all over it. I actually re-read the entire Outlander series last year. …That took a while!

      • I am on Goodreads. I love the ability to “store” all my books, past, present and future, in one place. Let me know if you want to connect (I’m under Alys Milner).

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