Hiking Anglin Falls

     Dave has been talking about going back to Anglin Falls for many months now.  We have only seen this waterfall once before, back in 2008 not long after I moved to Kentucky.  It was a hot, humid June day and we made the mistake of wearing our good clothes to go hiking through the forest and scrambling over wet rocks.  But then, we hadn’t been planning on finding the waterfall that day — we had been out and about and it wasn’t too far away from where we were at the time.

     Today we planned a little better.  At least, we wore old shoes and pants that could get muddy without much care.  Still neglected to bring something to drink.  Violet was generous enough to share her sippy cup with me when we got back to the car. 

     Mmm. Warm water.

     We took about a hundred pictures between Dave and I, and these are several of my favorites.

Unsure at first, Violet soon became an expert bridge crosser.

Apparently, if you run you get less wet.

Can you see the "1980" carved into the tree? Pretty cool!

Inspecting the flora.

Finally, we have arrived!

I almost had a heart attack when Dave and Violet sat near the edge of this ledge.

     Violet had a wonderful time hiking through the forest and over the rocks.  She never had to be carried, except over the river and onto the big boulder under the waterfall.  Oh yeah, and when she started having a tantrum on the upper ledge because I wouldn’t let her climb up even further.  

     Nothing makes me more nervous than my 2-year-old daughter having an irrational fit on the edge of a precipice.  Egads.

     Anyway, the distance from trail head to waterfall is .7 miles, so we hiked about a mile and a half over some bumpy terrain.  Violet was getting tired at the end, I could tell.  But she never complained.  I’m one proud momma.  

     She was so excited when we finally saw the waterfall she was shouting, “Hi, waterfall!  Hi, people!  We’re coming!”  There was a group of people just up ahead, on some rocks and they “aww”d and said, “Come on! You can do it!” because we had to climb over some pretty big rocks in that final push to reach our destination.  Violet was really a charmer with everyone we passed on the trail.

     This was THE most beautiful day.


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