My Two-Year-Old Has More Clothes Than I Do

     From the time I got pregnant with Violet in 2008 until now, I have been collecting clothes for her.  Most of it has been previously owned, in very good condition.  My mom found some great items at a thrift store near her home in Michigan.  

     I remember marveling at the fact that Mom bought a raincoat in a size 3T when Violet was just a baby.  It seemed like it would be forever before Vi would fit into that coat, but now she won’t leave the house without it if there are raindrops falling.  At my baby shower, some friends got together and gave me a bunch of clothes pinned to a clothes line.  It was so cute!  I thought it was pretty cool that along with the infant clothes they had also included some bigger sizes, like the blue snowman pajamas Violet has been wearing this winter.

     Boy, does time fly.

     Between Mom To Mom sales, yard sales and generous friends and family, I have never had to worry about how I was going to clothe Violet, even when we were feeling the squeeze so much it hurt.  (In 2009 Dave had his gallbladder taken out, I gave birth to Violet and she was hospitalized at 6 weeks of age for three days.  Let’s just say we had a lot of medical bills coming in.)  We truly have been blessed to have gotten such great clothing for Violet for such little money.  

     But enough is enough.

     I keep the clothes separated by size in labeled bins in Violet’s closet.  Lately, the lids don’t fit on the bins, because the clothing is piled up about five inches above the rim of the bin.  Time to purge.

     First, I went through Violet’s size 3T clothes, which is what she’s wearing now.  Her summer clothes are in a bin and the winter clothes are hanging in the closet and folded in the dresser.  I set aside anything too small; I’ll deal with that later.

     Next comes the 4T clothes.  I went through the bin item by item, sorting the clothes into three piles: Spring/Summer, year-round, and Fall/Winter.  

     I did that yesterday.  This evening I was able to go through the piles again, look at how many t-shirts (or pants or dresses) Violet has and then make a decision about which ones to keep.  I would rather Violet have a little less clothing, but items that we really love, rather than a closet stuffed to the gills with a bunch of stuff that is only going to be worn once.

     Even so, it is still difficult to purge sometimes.  I managed to let go of a fair amount.  Left to right is the purge pile, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  It looks like a ton of clothes that I’m keeping, but she’s got a couple good sized coats in there!

     I would like to tackle the “5T & Up” bin tomorrow, because I took a “before” picture of the closet and I want to get it looking good!  Hubby is home for the weekend, though, and we have a lot on our to-do list.  Or is that Honey-do list?  If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to see pictures of a gigantic bonfire!

     Who wants to bring the marshmallows?


7 responses to “My Two-Year-Old Has More Clothes Than I Do

  1. Me! Me, I wanna bring the marshmallows!
    Nice work! Do you feel relief and “lighter” now that you’ve purged? It feels so darn good to get rid of items, but I also understand how hard it can be to let it go. You just motivated me to go through my girl’s old clothes (newborn-3T) bc I kept it all! Not just a few special pieces–ALL of it. ack.
    Have a great weekend with your hubs and Violet—btw, she is so pinchable in that picture:) Cutie!

    • Bring chocolate and graham crackers while you’re at it, will you?
      I don’t feel lighter yet, because all those clothes are still sitting on my couch! I finished just before Violet’s bedtime and didn’t have a chance to put it all away again. I need to go back through all the newborn-2T clothes that I kept, because I know I don’t need it all. We don’t know if we are going to have another child, or when… and if we do I bet it’s a boy! I feel great when I get rid of stuff. And then I like to buy more. LOL

    • I love that you are having fun here! That makes my day to hear (read?) that.
      And I am honored to have made it onto your blog roll. To be honest, I have daydreamed of seeing my name on a blog roll someday. Maybe I’ll head over to your blog so I can gaze at my name “up in lights.” 😉

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