No Photographs, Please!

     It has finally happened.

     This afternoon, I was simultaneously pushing Violet on the swing and taking picture after picture.  My theory is, the more photographs I take, the greater chance that I will get a really good one.  Usually this strategy works out in my favor.  

     Today it did not.

     Violet woke up a Diva this morning and wore that hat throughout the day.  As I snapped my fourth or fifth photo, her brow wrinkled, eyes narrowed and she demanded, “Stop taking my picture!”

     Well!  Feeling like some invasive paparazzi in my own backyard, I pocketed the camera.  

     I was done taking pictures anyway.  Really.

     Violet loves looking through my scrapbooks and I took this opportunity to point out to her that if I didn’t take lots of pictures, there would be no scrapbooks.  She pondered this bit of information for a moment and seemed to accept it as truth.  (I keep telling her I’m always right, but she is 2-going-on-15 and is very skeptical of how much I really know.)  

     Then, “Push me higher, Momma!”


5 responses to “No Photographs, Please!

  1. The pictures are Great. You made my day. It’s dreay, cold and damp out. Rained and wind blew all night. Something upstairs makes a funny noise when the wind blows. Hope it’s not something blowing off the roof. granny

    • O.M.G. I love that shirt too! You really pay attention, spotting that with so little visible. I found that shirt at K-mart when we were in Indiana last week and fell in love. You should see the whole picture. We went to dinner at church that night and I immediately took off Violet’s hoodie so she could run around with her Rainbow Brite shirt in full view. I live vicariously through my daughter. It’s easier to find great fashion for her than it is for me. And cheaper too!

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