I’m Jumping In to the Organized Home Challenge (Week #10)

     My friend Danielle over at Cozycakes Cottage has inspired me with her weekly menus and organizational goals.  While I haven’t yet been able to get my act together enough to make a weekly menu, I have made some progress with home organization.

     Even though we are already in the tenth week of 2012, I’ve decided to jump into Home Storage Solutions 101‘s 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.  You can check it out for yourself here.

     This week’s challenge is to create a home mail organizer center.  The idea is to have a designated place — ideally, near where you “drop” your mail every day — to put your mail, bills, stamps, envelopes, etc.  To keep on top of correspondence you should deal with your mail as soon as it comes into the house, immediately tossing any junk mail and assessing what needs to be done with the rest.  

     Apparently, week #10 was the perfect week for me to start, because I already had a mail center in place.  That is to say, it was in place, but not very organized!

     Here is a “BEFORE” picture.

     It didn’t take me too long to go through everything, putting odd items in their appropriate places, filing a few papers and — yes, I admit it — dusting the thing off.

     This is what it looks like now.

     I made enough room inside the drawer to stow away my address book, which I was always having to go into the other room to get.  

     I didn’t even try to put all of the suggested items in my mail center.  I have a cherished desk that holds most of my stationery, paperclips, stapler and myriad other things. I also like how the two empty slots look and didn’t want to clutter them up right away. 

     Another great organizing tool that I have discovered through Danielle’s blog is this 2012 Declutter and Organize Calendar.  The wonderful thing about this is that it gives you one simple task to do each day.  Friday it said “Get rid of pet toys that are no longer played with” and another task is to “Clean off one kitchen shelf.”  Hey, even I can manage to do one organizing task per day!  I printed out the page for March this morning and am going to post it on the refrigerator. 

     What do you think of these organizing ideas?  Is the Challenge and/or the calendar something that could inspire you to get your home more organized and help you to live a simpler, less-cluttered lifestyle?  I would love to hear from you!


10 responses to “I’m Jumping In to the Organized Home Challenge (Week #10)

  1. I am so overwhelmed with NON organized home right now. I have to remind myself all the time, I have 2 kids now, and one is an infant and the other a toddler! Both are pretty demanding and well between them and just everyday chores: clothes, dishes, dinners, lunches, etc… organizing is at my bottom 😦 Well actually my sewing is below that 😦

  2. EEEE! So excited you’re joining the challenge! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your progress throughout the year and share in our successes (thinking positive here). You kicked your mailing center’s booty…nice job!

  3. My green beans are always home canned so maye this will ase a litle different. I pint green bean Take 2 slices of bacon diced and brown in pan and then drain off the greae. Add the green bens and a thinly sliced onion. I like lot of onion so I use abiyt 1.2 cup . I nevr measue any more, And just cook it 15 minues or so.Whenever it looks “right” to eat. Sorry i didn’t make enough for supper the ther night. Love Granny

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